The trend illustrates, most individuals prefer the above ground pools. Intex is a reputed name in this field. As you know, above ground pools require periodic maintenance; the role of auto pool cleaners is indispensable. With tens and thousands of such cleaners self-proclaiming to be the best for Intex pools, choosing the right one for your pool is not easy.

The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner puts an end to your dilemma. It is the most affordable and efficient choice for all above ground pools. With the Intex auto pool cleaner, you don’t have to break a sweat. The feature-rich pool cleaner will clean every nook and corner of the pool. Here is the detailed review of the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner for your convenience.

An overview of Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Given that Intex is one of the pioneer companies of above ground pools, it goes without saying the pool cleaners they manufacture will be equally good. The easy-to-install Intex auto pool cleaner requires you to connect the hose adaptor with that of the pool. The pressure-side cleaner effortlessly gets rid of dust and grime, utilizing the water pressure that is pumped again to the pool.

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner works best for Intex pools. If you intend using it for other above ground pools, you need to purchase an adaptor for fitting it into the return line of the pool. It can be a complicated procedure. It will be much easier if you go to other pool cleaners that involve a hassle-free installation.

You must also take into account the size of the above-ground pool. Since it comes with a 24-feet hose, it will work to its full capacity on a round above ground pool. For rectangular pools, the desirable size of the hose should not be more than 18 feet.

The operation of the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Looking at the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner, you will realize it appears different than the contemporary pool cleaners. Given that it has a unique design helps it to keep the pool clear of sand and debris. Though it does not get rid of them all, it will do more than enough to ensure you swim in a beautiful pool. The addition of a brush right under the cleaner base facilitates sweeping the pool floor. It blows away the debris with the help of the water pressure jet.

It accumulates the debris in a net, and you must clean it periodically. Furthermore, the skimmer basket efficiently traps and eliminates the floating debris and sand. Hence, you should also clean the basket and the pool pump filter for increasing its longevity and competence.

Effective and Quick Clean

The pool cleaner operates at a brisk pace. It can change directions randomly, which in turn does enough to disturb the water for sucking the dirt and grime. This Intex model makes use of an ultra-fine mesh screen in the vacuum head. It can also detect obstacles as it includes wheels and not the usual rollers. The larger the above ground pool is, its performance will be far more efficient.

Points to consider

The cleaner has four plastic wheels and works best on smooth surfaces. If these wheels encounter wrinkles, they will not move freely, and the cleaning process will come to a halt. This auto pool cleaner from Intex is lightweight, and you can share it with your friends if they also own an Intex above ground pool.

As you know, this auto pool cleaner depends on the existing filtration system of your pool, the pump size must be of 1,600 to 3,500 GPH. When it gets the right flow from the pump, it will do an incredible cleaning job. If you use a pump lower than this recommended range, the performance will lag, and its efficiency will go haywire.

Attaching the Pool Cleaner

If you are using the Intex Auto Pool cleaner for the first time, confusion might set in whether you should connect it to the inlet or the outlet. Remember, this pool cleaner from Intex connects to the outlet and not into the inlet like the other cleaners. The instruction manual should make you understand this, in case you missed reading it, refer to this article.

The vacuum is exceptional

The vacuum of the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner does a commendable job. Mainly, if you have a vinyl pool floor, the result will be even better. Its vacuum is capable of sucking everything like twigs and small rocks without jamming the hose. It will not stop until the above ground pool is not free of dirt.


Dimensions of Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: 13.4 x 12.2 x 23.4 inches.

15.3 lbs weight.

Pressure-side pool cleaner and is fully automated.

It comes with 4 wheels, brush, debris net, skimmer basket, pool pump filter.

The hose length is 24 feet.


Extremely affordable.


Efficiently cleans dirt and sand.


Applicable for Intex pools only.

The skimmer basket, pool pump filter, and the debris net require regular cleaning.

It does not work in wrinkled surfaces.

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