If you are looking for a cheap but efficient pool cleaner, the Catfish pool vacuum, also known as Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish can be your best companion. Considering the price factor, you have to settle for a manual pool vacuum. However, the catfish pool vacuum works with finesse in cleaning any pools. This lightweight cleaner will ensure your pool remains neat and clean while it takes care of all the dust and grime, including algae.

We reiterate, your disappointment that you could not invest in a robotic pool cleaner will be short-lived. Plus, you are saved from the ordeal of managing the tangling of the hoses. Your task is limited to plug in the cleaner for recharging the batteries. Oh! And we were about to forget mentioning; this cleaner does not require the services of a booster pump either. For collecting the debris, it comes with a reusable filter bag. Overall, this pool cleaner packs quite a punch to serve your pool. The feature section below will give you an intricate idea.

Overview of the Catfish pool vacuum

The catfish pool vacuum does not accompany lots of accessories. Thus, it is very portable, and anyone can use it. When in operation, it will suck all debris, leaves, sand, and algae to the bag. It runs via a rechargeable battery, so you need not encounter the hassles of managing the cords or the hose. The reusable bag deserves a special mention, as it can accumulate a significant amount of debris in it. The manufacturer of the Catfish pool vacuum has created the vacuum head after a lot of thought. It measures 7.4” and sports the best shape to clean the pool surface with utmost precision.

Exceptional features

As mentioned during the start of this article, many individuals bought this vacuum pool cleaner as they had budget limitations. However, the overwhelming features of this cleaner soon made them appreciate its performance. The best part, you can use the catfish pool vacuum regardless of the size and shape of the pool. Still, we recommend using it for smaller pools for the best results. You will eventually thank your stars; you did not invest in the more expensive robotic pool cleaner variants. Expectedly, the catfish pool vacuum is one of the best sellers for all the right reasons. Now, let us take a detailed look at its exceptional features.

Smart Rechargeable Charger

The catfish pool vacuum works with the help of a smart rechargeable charger. It has color codes to notify the user when it is fully charged and ready for operation. It should not take more than four hours to recharge the batteries. Turn it on, and it will merrily initiate the cleaning job for a few hours.

Reusable Filter Bag

The filter bag attaches to the central vacuum pool cleaner. It will pick up all types of debris along with algae. Emptying the filter bag is a breeze; you can even ask your toddler to do the emptying work.

Portable and lightweight

Being a manual vacuum cleaner, the manufacturer has taken care of its weight. You can expect to cover the entire pool surface without having to break a sweat. Additionally, its exceptional design makes it further convenient for handling. No wonder, after the cleaning operation is over, you will be proud of your decision to select a catfish pool vacuum.

Independent Filter System

If you have seen some of the other pool filters at your friend’s place, you might recall them struggling with the connection issues. Firstly, they need to figure out whether the hose attaches to the inlet or the outlet of the pump, and the arrangements for doing so can be pretty tedious. The catfish pool vacuum does not require any attachments to the existing pool filter system. As you already know by now, after recharging the batteries, this cleaner is good to go. Needless to say, you will feel a lot comfortable due to this feature.

Quality Brushes

So far, as you can see, we are showering heaps of praises for this cleaner. However, all the advantages would not have been enduring if the brush was of inferior quality. Catfish pool vacuum cleaner comes with sustainable brushes, and it does a commendable job when it deals with stubborn dirt, debris, and leaves. It even does not spare the water bugs like algae. It leaves no stone unturned in maintaining the pool.


Extremely affordable.

It does not require connecting to the pool pump.

Cordless, thus does not require dealing with hoses.

Quality brushes perform exceptional cleaning.


Suction power is weak compared to automatic pool cleaners.

Not ideal for bigger pools.


If you do not enjoy manual pool cleaning, the catfish pool vacuum is not for you. However, those who appreciate doing so will find it exceptional, as you can understand after acquainting with its features. Considering the price at which you get this product, it certainly offers more than it’s worth. Although you ought to accept some of its minimalistic features, it will work to perfection. 

If you are stuck between choices, whether to go for an automatic pool vacuum cleaner or the manual one, you should set your priorities initially. Comparing the Catfish pool vacuum with automatic pool cleaners is not possible. Presently, the Catfish pool vacuum is the cheapest choice at the moment. 

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