Above ground pools are the ideal location to escape the wrath of the scorching sun during summers. Being in the pool is not only fun, it eventually rejuvenates you. However, pools require cleaning. The present-day, vacuum cleaners for such pools can serve the cleaning purpose in a whisker.

Let us cut to the chase, choosing the perfect pool vacuum cleaner is easier said than done. We have gone the extra mile and reviewed many of these products. In the list of pool vacuum cleaners that follows, we have handpicked the top 10 pool vacuum cleaners. So, get ready to pick the one that suits you perfectly.

List of Top 10 Best Above the Ground Pool Vacuum:

Serial No. Image Product Name Weight Key Features Check Best Price
1 Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner 29.3 lbs Oversized cartridge for debris, travels with tracks. Check Best Price
2 Zodiac Ranger Suction Automatic Pool Cleaner Zodiac Ranger Suction  Automatic Pool Cleaner 15 lbs Deflector wheels, AG Disc for easy glide. Check Best Price
3   Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover       Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner 10 lbs Automatic shutdown timer, 40 feet cable. Check Best Price
4 POOLWHALE Professional Automatic Swimming Pool Vacuum CleanerPOOLWHALE Professional Automatic Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner 5.65 lbs Requires 0.33HP, easy to move, twelve hoses. Check Best Price
5 Hayward 500 Aqua Bug CleanerHayward 500 Aqua Bug Cleaner 15.9 lbs Fun design, Super fast installation, resistant to friction. Check Best Price
6 Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Suction-SidePentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Suction-Side 14.5 lbs Exceptional hydraulic design, skimming valve, clears every part of pool. Check Best Price
7 Intex Auto Pool Cleaner Intex Auto Pool Cleaner 15.3 lbs Ideal for Intex pools, 24 feet hose, Durable. Check Best Price
8 XtremepowerUS Suction Climb Wall Pool Cleaner XtremepowerUS Suction Climb Wall Pool Cleaner 15 lbs Runs without electricity, 10 hoses. Check Best Price
9 Zodiac Turtle Pool Cleaner Zodiac Polaris Turtle Pool Cleaner 10 lbs Fun shape, unique filter bag, ideal for shallow pools Check Best Price
10 Zodiac Polaris Vac-Sweep 65Zodiac Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 13.94 lbs Easy installation, Jet sweep feature, removes large debris Check Best Price

1. Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

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Dolphin is a trusted name, manufacturing best pool cleaners one after the other. Escape, as you can see, is a robotic cleaner that will leave your above ground pool sparkling clean while you hardly need to put any effort. The automatic pool vacuum includes an oversized cartridge for collecting debris. Thus, you get the convenience of multiple cleanings at one go.

The robotic cleaner is lightweight, and plug-n-play, so you should find handling it rather easy. Moreover, it can clean the entire pool within 90 minutes or even quicker. By making use of the hyper-brush, it collects the debris quickly without damaging the above the ground pool liners.

The long forty-foot power cable helps you to clean all the outdoor outlets associated with the pool. The inbuilt 24-volt motor saves you from the ordeal to operate it via the pool motor. You can trust it blindfolded when it comes to its ability to navigate and scanning. What more, along with the debris, the pool cleaner robot can also capture algae. Nevertheless, for better results, we recommend scrubbing the pool surface to loosen the algae and then operate the pool cleaner for the best results.

The price-tag is high, but then you hardly need investing any additional attachments to it for the best results. As per our verdict, this is the best above ground pool cleaner to date.


Incredibly lightweight.

Oversized debris cartridge.

Captures algae.

Cleans in a quick time.


Expensive compared to the other pool cleaners around.

It does not climb the pool walls properly.

2. Zodiac Ranger Suction Automatic Pool Cleaner

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The Zodiac Ranger automatic pool cleaner guarantees peace of mind for the pool owners. It can effectively clean pools up to 72-inches deep with ease. The price of this vacuum for above ground pools is also budget-friendly. It packs tons of features that are absent in other automatic pool cleaners. It effectively eliminates pebbles, pollen, bugs, leaves, and twigs from the pool in a pretty quick time.

Its single moving part, the diaphragm, hardly gets stuck, and it will clean the entire pool. No need to lose sleep if your water pump is weak. The cleaner comes with a self- adjusting Insta-Skim Compact and FlowKeeper Valve. Thus, Zodiac Ranger will self regulate the flow of water and ensure a powerful cleaning. The diaphragm is also known to make lesser noise that is a common problem in most pool vacuums.

It comes with detector wheels that avoid getting the cleaner to get stuck on corners, ladders, and steps. It comes pre-assembled and does not require any other tools to set it up. However, this pool cleaner vacuum is not recommendable for soft-sided or Intex pools. For many, this comes as a setback, as Intex is one of the best above ground pool manufacturers.


Setup and installation is a breeze.

Operates noiselessly.

Seldom gets stuck.

Self regulates water flow and pressure.


Unusable for Intex and soft-sided pools.

It can break if used for jobs beyond its capacity.

3. Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

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Aquabot is another market leader in the field of robotic pool cleaners. Over the years, it has come out with quality products that help you to enjoy swimming, and the Aquabot Pool Rover Junior adds another feather to their cap. The product boasts of efficient features and works on all types of pools.

Mostly, you would want a pool vacuum to eliminate sand, silt, algae, and bacteria. The Pool Rover Junior is capable of doing so accurately. While cleaning your above ground pool, it simultaneously cleans the floor. Being fully automatic, you only need to put it to work and relax. The cleaning operation hardly takes an hour and that too, without the requirement of any hoses.

Once you activate it, you will notice, its powerful vacuum suction is capable of handling 70 gallons per minute. It also has jet-drive propulsion that steers clear the pool of all dirt. It also comes with a shut off timer. If you forget to switch it off, it will turn itself off after 2 hours. One of the notable features is its wide non-marring wheels that propel the robotic pool cleaner to move quickly. The presence of an E-Z swivel device takes care of the cables from tangling.

Aquabot Pool Rover is capable of removing even the smallest of particles. Thus, you need not require using harmful chemicals in your pool often. This robotic pool cleaner vacuum works particularly well for flat-bottomed above the ground pools.


Capable of cleaning any type of pool.

Cleans at a fast pace.

An automatic shut-off timer saves you on energy bills.

Powerful suction at 70 gallons per minute.


It does not clean medium to large debris.

Cords can get tangled. Some users complain of a faulty wheel piston.

4. POOLWHALE Professional Automatic Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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If you appreciate a quiet operating cleaner, POOLWHALE Professional is the product for you. The hassle-free vacuum pool cleaner just requires a 0.33HP pump to run. You can use it for both in-ground and above the ground pools.

The cleaner includes 14 pieces of free hoses. The best part, the hose is resistant to scrapes and very durable. Seldom will you experience issues like leaks or disconnections when you operate it on a higher HP. These hoses are ready to clean any type of pool, be it small or large. You can conveniently store the remaining pieces of hoses for using them later.

POOLWHALE does a more than decent job in cleaning the floors and the walls of the pool. It will get rid of dirt, debris, sand, twigs, and pebbles with the utmost precision. Most importantly, you need not worry about its maintenance. Its superior long-life diaphragm that moves is easy to clean.

You will love the way its deflector wheels operate. At any point in time, you can direct them based on the flow of the water. As soon as the vacuum cleaner approaches the corner, it detects the presence of an obstacle and prevents it from colliding. The rubber skirt of this pool cleaner vacuum possesses high elasticity that lets you use the cleaner for years.


It requires very little power to operate.

Deflator wheels prevent collision with pool walls.

14 pool hoses for cleaning pools of all sizes.


Sometimes it can get stuck. The instruction manual is not very clear.

5. Hayward 500 Aqua Bug Cleaner

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Now, challenge the bugs residing in your above the ground pool with this vacuum that resembles a bug. Ideal for permanent above ground pools, you can expect better water circulation and clean water after using the Aqua Bug.

Connect the suction-side automatic pool cleaner to a skimmer or a dedicated vacuum port. The pump of your swimming pool will let it draw the vacuum power and begin its operation. Aqua Bag simultaneously uses the pool filter and pump strainer basket for filtration since it is devoid of any filter bags.

You will notice a significant improvement in water circulation since it sucks water from the bottom of the pool. The water then flows via the pool pump filter and returns to the pool. Hayward has four Aqua Bag models, and all of them operate similarly. It does not require the services of a booster pump. Preferably, a larger pool pump and the filter will offer the best results.

Along with the leader hose, the product comes with eleven connector hoses. Thus, it can efficiently clean large above ground pools. As the vacuum pool cleaner generates a steady water flow, it effectively clears dirt from the bottom of the pool. Furthermore, it can also suck dead algae once the pool has been treated with algaecide just before using the cleaner. 


Easy setup.

Replacement parts are easy and affordable.

Fine filters the pool clearing out dirt and grime.


It can only be used in permanent above ground pools.

The pool liner can experience damage while the cleaner operates.

6. Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Suction-Side

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This pool vacuum cleaner from Pentair does everything possible to make your above the ground pool to remain clean. Pentair was the pioneer of the first automatic cleaner. Initially, the vacuum cleaners were designated for in-ground pools. Now, these products are equally useful for the above ground pools.

K50600  sports a superior hydraulic design and has a random pattern coverage. This feature combo ensures your pool stays clear of all the debris, dirt, grime, and contaminants. The chances of it breaking are less as the number of moving parts is considerably less in comparison to the other cleaners.

With this cleaner, you can expect to clean all the nooks and corners of the pool. Undoubtedly, robotic pool cleaners can be better. Still, they sometimes tend to mess things up and unable to reach specific spots for cleaning. With this cleaner, you can be sure it will do a complete job.

Some people believe the pressure of the cleaner is weak, and indeed, it cannot suck the larger debris. However, it does an excellent job of cleaning the pool floor. We recommend this for above ground pools that are simple and are devoid of many curves and corners. We reiterate, maybe it does not fall under the category of the premium cleaners. Still, it provides a good value for money.


Robust and less likely to break.

The random pattern has a long reach.

Efficiently vacuums and climbs the walls.

Superior hydraulic design.


Not the ideal choice for pools that has curves. The hose can tangle during cleaning.

7. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

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We were expecting this. Intex is one of the biggest above ground pool providers, Intex would come out with swimming pool vacuum cleaners for their awe-inspiring swimming pools. Rest assured, you can relax and watch the Intex auto pool cleaner at work.

Earlier, you must have noticed, we mentioned some of the vacuum pool cleaners that aren’t feasible for Intex above ground pools. It does a remarkable job of cleaning moderately dirty pools with elan. And of course, if you do not have an Intex pool, you can still use this product for cleaning. However, you must adhere to the specifications for getting the most out of it. You must have a 1.5HP pump, as it requires some power to operate.

While at work, you will notice, it clears debris and algae with relative ease. It, however, does not handle the larger leaves as well. Still, we consider it useful as it includes the sweep and vacuum function. Ultimately, your pool will surely be visibly cleaner than it was earlier.

The Intex pool cleaner works along with the pump you use in the pool as a filter. Setting it up is convenient, as the manual has all the details in it. It also clears large pools quickly and efficiently without skipping the critical zones.


Sweeps and vacuums simultaneously.

Designed explicitly for Intex above the ground pools.

Good value for money.


The hose joints can sometimes leak.

It requires high horsepower and flow rates.

8. XtremepowerUS Suction Climb Wall Pool Cleaner

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Here is another powerful above ground pool vacuum. It works competently and sucks all the dirt and grime from the pool. You can use it for both the pool floor and the walls. But remember, you should avoid using it to clean the steps.

You will find operating it rather easy. There is no need to connect it with a power socket. Attach it with your existing filtration arrangement, and it is all set to begin. The cleaner requires at least a 1HP pump or 1600 GHP flow rate for optimum performance. It, however, is not a good option if you intend cleaning leaves or other large items from the pool.

The best thing, it works on a wide array of pool surfaces like concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. Understandably, this flexibility makes it the ultimate choice for the above ground pool owners. The cylindrical section of the cleaner lets it change direction and reach corners easily.

You need not worry about its maintenance. It’s the design of the product that contains a single detachable part that makes it maintenance-free. The length of the hose is not sufficient for using it in larger pools. However, its effectiveness and affordable price are unquestionable. You should include this cleaner in your wish list if you desire a cleaner for quick and hassle-free cleaning.


Detachable design makes it maintenance free.

Robust thus has a long life.

Cleans effectively, and can the walls conveniently.


It does not clean the steps.

Not efficient in cleaning larger debris.

The flapper block can cause a problem at times.

9. Zodiac Polaris Turtle Pool Cleaner

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Unleash the turtle, and it will bestow the responsibility of cleaning your above ground pool. Connect it with the existing pool pump and filtration system, and it is ready to go. Turbo Turtle is the ideal choice for shallow pools that are up to five feet deep. It vacuums the bottom and sweeps the sides in less than three hours.

It comes with an inbuilt filter bag. The bag collects all the debris like pebbles and twigs. Additionally, it makes use of the water pressure of clean water to loosen the debris and eliminate them permanently. It is also very capable of removing dirt, grime, and debris from the places that are usually hard to reach.

However, we could not reckon this as one of the top contenders. The reason it works best on flat pools. For pools that include several underwater steps, dips, or obstacles, it will struggle to clean accurately. But, its ability to remove debris before it affects the pool filtration system is praiseworthy. By doing this, it puts less pressure on your pool and increases the longevity of the pumps and the filtration system.

Moreover, you will appreciate the combo of fun design and an automatic pool vacuum cleaner. Go for it, if you desire to add a tad of cuteness to your above ground pool.


Cleans hard to reach areas.

Removes debris before it hits the pool filter system.

Cleaning is fast.


Suitable for flat pools only.

The hose can tangle randomly.

Moves in random patterns, sometimes it fails to cover the entire pool.

10. Zodiac Polaris Vac-Sweep 65

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This automatic pool cleaner can attach to the existing water filtration system and commence cleaning with minimum supervision. It is affordable and offers a pleasant and consistent cleaning of your above ground pool.

Vac-Sweep 65 is not the best option for large pools. However, it has a remarkable shelf life. It has an annoying flaw, the reason that makes us list it at the bottom of the table. While in operation, it tends to turn over and spray out water, mainly when it operates on vinyl floors. The other features of this pool cleaner, try hard to overshadow this flaw.

We were very impressed looking at is suction power. It removes debris inside the pool with utmost precision. Additionally, the Vac-Sweep feature does a decent job in cleaning leaves and stubborn dirt. It also gets into the pool steps and performs the necessary cleaning. By this, you can save precious time on having to sweep the steps regularly.

According to the reviews, most users who purchased this automatic vacuum pool cleaner are satisfied. You can use this cleaner of both vinyl and fiberglass type above ground pools. Moreover, it offers excellent value for your money.  So, if you own a small above ground pool, you can give this product a thought. Rest assured, if you ignore its occasional flipping problem, it will save you precious time.


Removes dirt and large debris, including leaves.

Cleans the steps of the pool.

Hardly requires any supervision.


Occasionally flips over.

Inefficient for large pools.

That concludes our Top 10 best above the ground pool vacuum list. We handpicked the pool vacuum cleaners after assessing the requirements of various pool owners and the type of pools. Moreover, you should have a distinct idea for selecting the ideal cleaner for your budget. Intending to simplify the buying criteria, here are some essential points to remember before picking the best vacuum pool cleaner.

Understand the pool vacuum cleaner variants

Presently, there are three types of vacuums, robotic cleaners, hand-held cleaners, and suction cleaners. Robotic cleaners, as the name suggests, are motor-operated, and the reins of control are in the hands of a microprocessor or dedicated software.

Hand-held cleaners are similar to the vacuum cleaners of our home. You make the arrangements to operate it for cleaning the pool. The suction cleaners, on the other hand, attaches to the existing pool filtration system for removing debris and dirt present in the water. While reading the product reviews, you must have noticed, the shape and size of the pool are also determinant factors for choosing a vacuum cleaner.

The price of the vacuum cleaners

You can purchase above the ground pool vacuum cleaners of various expenses. Prices can range up to below $100 to above $1200. As you can understand, the performance and features will vary significantly depending on the price. Some of the cleaners on our product list are not expensive, yet they pack the necessary features and offer the best value for money.

The present condition of the pool

There is no point in blaming the manufacturer of a pool vacuum cleaner if it fails to clean it as per your expectations. If you have not cleaned your pool for the last few years, even the best and most expensive cleaner will fail to accomplish its task. In such situations, you should consider manual cleaning.

Lastly, after assessing the above, when you are ready to buy the pool vacuum cleaner, focus on the following aspects.


You already saw our product list covers a wide array of product designs. Some of them boast a sleek and professional design, while some mimic the shape of animals and bugs. The latter can make cleaning a fun-filled affair. The design also dictates the way these vacuum pool cleaners would go about their job.


Many larger products in this category come with cartridges and not bags for collecting the debris. Such cleaners can manage more loads than regular cleaners. Depending on the price, you may get specific units that use micro-filters. Choose the one that suits your pool cleaning requirement correctly.


Probably, here again, the price plays a crucial role in determining its durability. Cheaper pool vacuum cleaners have a shelf life of one year. The bigger and better ones can offer warranties up to five years. After assessing how you plan to use them, pick the one that seems suitable for the job.


Above the ground pool vacuum cleaners, these days possess several exciting and useful features. Apart from vacuuming, some of them come with an inbuilt brush for sweeping and loosening debris. Those with scanners go a step further and optimize the cleaning patterns.

These pool vacuum cleaners tend to have various cable lengths of the hose. If you use a hose that is too long, you run the risk of tangling it. Ideally, those units that pack these hoses in several pieces should be a good option for pool owners. Lastly, check the customer service, as you will need them when you run into trouble with your vacuum pool cleaner.

Hopefully, this guide, along with the top ten product list, will fit the bill for just about everyone based on their requirements.